The week in Red Pandas.

If you hadn't spotted, red pandas are all over the blinking place at the moment. Escaping from here, being born there, they're all over the news. Much redder and arguably just as cute as their monochrome big brothers, there are only around 10,000 of these adorable red fluffy bundles left. So, lets round up the news in Red Pandas, news should always be this adorable, right?

Over in Cornwall, Paradise Park has welcomed is first pair of cubs born since 2001.

Red Panda Cubs at Paradise Park

The first US red panda cubs born this year are at Birmingham Zoo in Alambama. Zooborns has posted some cute photos of the new little cubs in all their fluffy glory.

Red panda 2
Red pandas 4

Meanwhile, Rusty the runaway red panda has returned home to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park after stressing everyone out by doing a runner. The fugitive red panda was found after a twitter photo tipped the zoo keepers off to Rusty's whereabouts. Museum officials are still not sure how Rusty managed to escape, but it seems like for the moment they've put it down to being a young male testing boundaries.

Red panda 'Rusty' missing from National Zoo in DC (Pic: @NationalZoo)

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