Today is the Paro Tsechu Festival in Bhutan

Paro Tsechu Festival is one of the biggest events in Bhutan. It is held to honour Guru Rinpoche, who spread tantric Buddhism, that is practiced all over the Himalayas (often called Tibetan Buddhism).

This event could not go unnoticed by us at Red Candy, purely due to the amount of red that is used during the festival.

During this festival a number of different dances and musical pieces are performed whilst elaborate dress and masks are donned for full effect.

Paro Tsechu is held from 15th - 19th of March. Usually the first day of the festival is held inside the courtyard of the Dzong (Buddhist enclosure of temples, accommodation, courtyards and administrative offices).

On the final day (before dawn) a giant Thangka (silk painting / embroidery) of Guru Rinpoche is put on display.

It is fascinating to see that these sort of festivals are taking place on a date that may seem insignificant to us on the other side of the world, but at the same time that we're celebrating Easter or Christmas, it is probably just laundry day for them.

Food for thought.
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