Top Ten Tuesday - Red Cartoon Characters!

1. Fry from 'Futurama' - The loveable Red-headed slacker.

This week we picked our favourite Red Cartoon Characters! See if your favourites are here, and if not, let us know who they are! :D

2. 'Strawberry Shortcake' - She couldn't get enough of the red stuff!

3. Lion-O from 'Thundercats' - Who can deny this red-headed hunky hero?

4. Dogtanian from 'Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds' - Fun starts when he dons his red cape of justice.

5. Optimus Prime from 'Transformers' - Leader of the Autobots and saviour of Earth! Even a robot alien knows that Red is the coolest colour in the galaxy.

6. Blossom from 'The Powerpuff Girls' - Made from sugar and spice and all things nice, with a little bit of Chemical X!
She knows that Red is the way to go for recognition!

7. 'She-Ra' - Better than 'He-Man' because she has fashion sense too! It's all about that Red cape of hers!

8. Papa Smurf from 'The Smurfs' - This wise old Smurf knows that Red is never out of fashion.

9. 'The Care Bears' - Who can remember all their names? But we all remember the red one with the heart!

10. Alvin from 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' - No, not the CGI movie, we're talking about the classic cartoon from the days of old.
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