Top Ten Tuesday - Regrettable Red Tattoos

This week, we chose our top 10 regrettable red tattoos. Would you like these to be permanent? Read on for our pick of some ghastly grazing! :-O

1. Red Head

Ok, a rose tattoo...but did you have to have it on your forehead???

2. Twilight

...need we say more?

3. Ever Watchful

um... creepy.

4. Old Tattoo

Yeah! We remember them...back in the 1991...

5. Stripper've got red on you.

6. Marilyn Monrooooaarrr

Looks like someone slammed Ms Monroe's face into their body and this is the imprint left behind...

7. Beer Belly!

Not quite the right six-pack.

8. Walking Advert

Happy Meal to go, please.

9. What? I don't even...

10. Sexy Lady

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