TOY-riffic Décor For Kids Rooms! 🧸

TOY-riffic Décor For Kids Rooms! 🧸
Welcome to the realm of imagination, where laughter echoes through the air and dreams take flight! In the world of children's rooms, a touch of magic and a sprinkle of fun can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary haven. Today, we embark on a journey to explore unique and whimsical home décor ideas that will turn your child's room into a place of wonder and adventure. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a joyous ride! 
Let’s be real, kids don't want the same old boring furniture... As much as you may be a fan of the Scandi look, plain wood can be one heck of a bore for a child’s room. That’s where this Footstool comes in... 
Featuring a design that seeks to emulate with fine detailing the most lovable cow you’ve ever seen, the footstool is an absolute joy and is sure to provide heaps of fun to any kid’s room or play space. The perfect footstool, young to old. The simple design of the piece makes it a perfect fit for even the most conservative of spaces. 
Conquer your fear of the dark with the adorable Balloon Dog Light - Red! This playful night light from Bitten Design is one home accessory which won’t go down like a lead balloon! 
This quirky desk lamp is a modern twist on the classic animal balloon art creation we loved as children - oh the nostalgia! This vibrant creation will instantly inflate the colour and fun in your home. He will not only attract the attention of all your visitors but will also loyally protect you from the bogeyman under your bed (!!) 
Welcome to the dig! Let's give you a quick stop tour. 
Over here we have a semi-excavated pile of socks of all patterns and smells. We’ve done some analysis and we can confirm they have not been washed. 
Over on the side of the dirty window, there’s a mountain of crusty plates, ingrained with cereal fossils, dating back to the era of the midnight munchies. I see you’ve spotted those shirts in a mound; they are being sent to the laboratory for carbon washing to be analysed. 
Do the kiddos in your life regularly dream of the tooth fairy visiting them? Or are you joining the Elf on a Shelf Christmas tradition? With this Fisura Magic Door, you can turn their dream into reality! 
This cute little door forms an opening for magical creatures to pop in and visit your home. From mice, fairies or elves: they can all enter through this special, magic door! (Don't worry, this is a good thing!) 
AORTA tell ya that we <3 cosy cushions! Oh, you think we’re being MELLOW-dramatic? Well, we’re not - look how adorable this Marshmallow Heart Cushion is, it could make anyone MELT. 
This CUSH-ty cushion is ideal for decorating your kid's room, giving their space a fun and sweet touch. Perfect for lounging, the Marshmallow Heart Cushion is soft, fluffy and has a comfortable filling! 
So be sure to add some fun décor to your child's bedroom with our colourful collection of lamps, cushions and wall clocks. However, be aware that with this fun-filled décor in place, sending your child to their room will now be a treat, not a punishment! 
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