Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco

Want to liven up your stationary? Industrial designer Christian Vivanco does!
Christian has designed a desk-tidier in the shape of a gabled house Called Under My Roof.

As you can see from these striking images, it has a pull out drawer, a shelf and chimney on the roof which can act as a pencil pot.
Each desk tidy come in either one, two or three storeys and could be arranged together to form a little neighbourhood.
The objects can be mounted on the wall or placed on surfaces.

More images and a little from the maker after the jump.

"Its part of a bigger exercise in which I tried to create a connection between architecture’s icons and the use of scale and proportion to apply them into areas more related to industrial design. Other projects such as “Hool Na chair” and “From A Lost City” have served as starting points.

Under My Roof is based on 3 axes: 1) The traditional cottage, with its angled red roof, easy to find both in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom, as in Mexico and the United States. 2) A typical dollhouse. 3) The need to organize and store small items, specially in environments such as homes, offices, desks, children’s rooms, etc..

These 3 axes are represented in a very simple and basic way. A vertical shelving system that makes use of the architectural elements already mentioned, where each level reflects the possibility of a different use, and where small details like the chimney find new values, not just functional, but rather, emotional. You can place Under My Roof on your desk or table, or also used as a shelf on the wall.

Under My Roof its presented as a conceptual exercise and consists of 3 variations: 3 houses, 3 different needs. Together they generate a kind of neighbourhood, creating a unique skyline, fun, but always functional. Thanks to the selected details and materials it can be used by children and adults alike." - Christian Vivanco

Obviously we were all excited because of the one with the red roof, but unfortunately this is just a design concept at the moment. We'll keep you updated though!
Sourced at christianvivanco.com
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