Weird Inventions You Never Knew You Didn't Need

Since the first fire was lit mankind has distinguished itself from its beastly animal rivals through ingenuity and invention. The spear, the plough, the steam engine, and the selfie stick have all advanced living conditions, and revolutionised civilisation as we know it. But what happens when the limitless imagination of humanity goes too far? What happens when the ambivalence of middle managers fails to stop insane creations before they reach the production phase? The answer: amphibious bicycles, LED slippers, and cutlery attachments for your stationary. Red Candy have named and shamed the worst offenders, exposing 29 of the weirdest inventions that we proudly don’t stock. The Finger Forks deserve a special mention. We’re still scratching our heads wondering what possible use they have over a regular fork, and more importantly, how they were ever approved for production. And who needs a pack of 24 of them?! So many unanswerable questions. If we had to pick one item on the list, though, it would have to be the Tomatan. Not only does he feed the user yummy tomatoes (our favourite fruit and/or vegetable), but he’s also bright red! If only we could reprogram him to dispense sweets, then we might be onto something… For more practical inventions check out our store- It’s full of ingenious photo frames, funky clocks, and sleek retro gifts. We don’t sell anything hamster powered, we promise! WeirdInventions_FINAL-v.3
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