Doormats! They’re brilliant aren’t they. Trodden on, scraped and covered in mud on a regular basis, but they keep on doing the hard work. Sometimes we forget about the awesome job the little fellas are doing, often meaning they don’t get noticed. At Red Candy, we want to sell doormats that are full of character and can’t help but draw your attention. Check out the range and prepare to be wowed!
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  • Happy Doormat

    Stay positive with our lovely Happy Doormat
  • Toucan Doormat

    Two-can play that game! Check out our wonderful Toucan Doormat!
  • Umbrella Doormat

    Don't let the world rain on your parade with our wonderful Umbrella Doormat
  • Hello Doormat

    Don’t SAY hello… SHOUT hello with our wonderful Hello Doormat.
  • Let the Adventure Begin Doormat

    Preserve your explorative side with our Let the Adventure Begin Doormat!
  • Bonjour Doormat

    Say ‘Adiou’ to your boring old mat and hello to your brand new BONJOUR doormat.

  • Anchor Doormat

    This wonderful little Anchor doormat is amazingly cute and oh so stylish.
  • Diamond Doormat

    Give your Doorway an instant makeover with this gorgeous diamond-patterned doormat.
  • Flamingo Doormat

    Express your love for wildlife and romance with our wonderful Flamingo Doormat!
  • Pineapple Doormat

    This Pineapple Doormat will have you pining for home!
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