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Monday 9th January 2017

Organise Your Home Day 2017

Saturday 14th January is Organise Your Home Day! And we think it’s the perfect opportunity to cut the clutter and start the New Year with a tidy and organised home! Especially if it’s one of your resolutions!

We know it’s hard to find the time for a good sort out, but it’s proven that less-cluttered environments are more calming – so there’s really no excuse not to whip that home into shape!

To help, we’ve put together a few top tips on how to easily declutter your home. Plus by using funky and stylish storage solutions (which, by chance, we happen to have a few of…) tidying up will be much more fun – so we’ve included a few of our favourites at the bottom!

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052697c03232c41b64ea0c30090d3a7a1. Get creative!

Make tidying less of a chore by getting creative with your decluttering! Add some fun to proceedings with shelves painted in colour pop hues, or by covering your old storage boxes in colourful wrapping paper.


2. Break it down into small and manageable chunks!

Separate your decluttering mission into different rooms or even sections. For example, if you’ve got a desk which has almost disappeared under a pile of miscellaneous paper then blitz that first!


Under the stairs 13. Make the most of your neglected areas

If areas such as your under the stairs cupboard or utility room have become proverbial dumping grounds, then they are a great starting point in your road to organisational heaven! We recently wrote an article about turning these neglected areas into unexpected treats from HomeStyle magazine – view it here.


design-ideas-fire-escape-shelf-14. Utilise your wall space

If your floor space is becoming cluttered then shelves will be your new best friend! And why not trade your desk photo frames for wall mounted multi photo frames and your vases for wall mounted planters?! Plus adding a couple of mirrors will instantly make the room look bigger and less cluttered.


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We want to see you getting creative with your decluttering! Show us your best photo of you getting your home organised in style, and you could win a £50 spend on our website! Enter via our Facebook page!

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We are firm believers that using funky storage solutions will make tidying up much more fun – so we’ve included a few of our favourite storage accessories below! Click here to view our full range!

Quirky pen pots
storage 1

Seriously Tropical Pineapple Pen Pots, £10 each
Block Sketch Desk Tidy – Blue, £24
BiC Pen Lid Holder – Black, £12
Cactus Desktop Organiser, £12

Stylish organisers

storage 8

Block Storage Houses, from £10 each
Umbra Trigg Desk Vessel – Set of 2, £40
Framed Letter Board, £45

Eye-catching wall storage

storage 11

Block Medium PegBoard – Light Blue, £40
Umbra Tuckit Photo Display, £28.50
Snapshot Message Board, £24.95

Modern coat racks

storage 5

Saturnus Coat Rack – Multi Colour, £10.50
Block Hello Coat Rack – Yellow, £38
Umbra Flip Hook – Natural, £24

Funky jewellery storage

storage 4

Whale Necklace Stand – Black, £15
Umbra Toto Storage Box – White, £30
Umbra Zoola Ring Holder – Brass Elephant, £8.90

Stylish shelves

storage 10

Fire Escape Shelf, £99
House Wall Cabinet – White, £35
Umbra Strum Shelf – Copper, £10

Unique magazine racks

storage 3

Campervan Magazine Rack – Red, £19
Diamond Raster Magazine Rack – Copper, £24
Umbra Gazette Magazine Rack – White, £50

Quirky bookends and shelves

storage 2

Umbra Conceal Bookshelf – Small, £10.50
Stickmen Bookends, £15
Suck UK Planter Bookends, £15

Lovely letter racks

storage 9

Umbra Estique Hallway Organiser, £15
Pigeon Post Letter Rack, £20
Cabo Letter Holder – Copper, £17.95

Unusual waste paper bins

storage 7

Umbra Woodrow Waste Bin – Mint, £20
Cabo Waste Can – Copper, £39.95
Umbra Skinny Bin – Red, £8.50
Umbra Couplet Can – Grey, £25

***Click here to view our full range of storage accessories!***

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