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Friday 9th October 2015

Top 10 Animal-Shaped Products!

Red Candy's top 10 animal-shaped products
It’s no secret that here at Red Candy we have a soft spot for animal-shaped household products! After all, why would you settle for a bog-standard cheese grater when you can have one shaped like a hedgehog?? Exactly.

We absolutely love the thought that has been put into these designs. They aren’t just designed to look like animals for the sake of cuteness (although this is a big benefit): the shape of each creature lends something to the functionality of the product, i.e. with Jumbo the elephant cutlery drainer, his trunk drains the excess water away. Clever eh?

These animal-shaped products are unsurprisingly firm fixtures in our best sellers list! But we have so many that we thought it would be fun to look at which of these quirky creations would make our top 10!

These products are so clever (and cute) that you will wonder how you survived without them – just ask our marketing manager, Rachel, who has at least three of them in her kitchen!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this pun-tastic post!

top 10




1. Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater, £8.90

Using his spines as the grating holes, Kasimir the hedgehog-shaped cheese grater is an ingenious and adorable creation which we think should be in every kitchen! Comes in four different colours!


2. Nessie Soup Ladle, £12.50

OK, OK, so Nessie is arguably more of a mythical creature than an animal per se, but we don’t care: soup ladles don’t get much cooler than this!

nessie 1

3. Jumbo Cutlery Drainer, £12.50

The second – and not the last – entry from Luckies of London, who just LOVE their animal-shaped designs. Jumbo the elephant is not only extremely cute but is also incredibly functional; with his trunk serving as the drainer for excess water.


4. ibride Bear Bookcase Joe – Black, £3,000

Definitely a splurge item but how cool is this bear-shaped bookcase from ibride?? We’ve just added this wonderful design as well as other colour bears, ibex-shaped cabinets, and ostrich tables to our website – have a gander here.

ibride-bear-bookcase-joe-black5. Morris Memo and Pen Holder, £9.50

Donkeys may be infamous for looking a bit downcast, but chirpy Morris is here to buck the trend! Instead of eating hay, Morris loves to hold your pen and memos in his mouth, and blank post-it notes on his back.

luckies-morris-memo-and-pen-holder46. YolkPig Egg Separator, £8.95

Ever heard the popular phrase, ‘As happy as a pig in yolk’? If you haven’t, then you clearly haven’t met YolkPig! This novelty silicone piggy will neatly suck up yolks and then spit them out into another container, meaning that you don’t have to remove those troublesome yolks by hand.

luckies-yolkpig-egg-separator7. Brrrrr Ice Tray, £10

You’ll have to BEAR with us whilst we marvel at this wonderful polar bear ice cube mould  from Black + Blum! Designed to look like a white polar bear (albeit with a few extra legs), this clever design uses different parts of this cute arctic dweller to form a unique and practical ice cube tray.

black-blum-brr-ice-tray-18. Alessi Duck Timer, £34

This magnificent egg timer resembles a long-necked duck, with the head acting as a handle for setting the digital timer in the same manner as you would a mechanical one. And once the time is up, instead of a boring ringing sound you will hear a comical duck quack!

alessi-duck-timer-yellow4_19. Koziol Pablo Steak Knife Block, £38

Bulls are symbols of strength and brawn – is there a more manly way to display your steak knives?


10. Eric the Memo Elephant, £12.95

The phrase ‘elephants never forget’ has never been more true with little Eric here! You can write memos all over this cute ceramic elephant so even if you do forget that important message, you can be safe in the knowledge that Eric won’t.


If you love all things animals then check out our Gifts for Animal Lovers collection – including the 10 products above and many many more!

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