Sit down and take 5: Festive Fillers for Stockings

Other than great legs, gifts are the best thing you’ll find in a stocking come Christmas. Sometimes however, it’s those little last-minute presents that you get stuck on. Maybe you still have to complete your loved-one’s surprise stocking or perhaps you feel bad for Bob, the cleaner at work, who was left-out of the office’s secret Santa.

Whatever your predicament, here’s a little elf-like helping hand from us at Red Candy. These treats won’t break the bank either, so you’ll have money left over to buy Bob (or yourself) a pint too!

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Who doesn't love hedgehogs? Nobody, that’s who! You’ll smile even more when you come to prepare your cheese (you’re smiling already, because you’re eating cheese soon). Whether it’s Parmesan, cheddar or Wensleydale, the Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater is a sturdy chap who’s happy to help everyone make delicious food.

This characterful little critter will not only grate cheese, he’d liven-up anybody’s kitchen surfaces, making him a grate, sorry, great gift for a plethora of people. So if there’s someone you know who enjoys eating fromage, why not give the gift of a hedge-hohohogthis Christmas.

By the time Santa came down the chimney, filled the stockings and put the presents under the tree, the whiskey he was so looking forward to had been diluted by the melted ice cubes. Never let this happen in your, or a loved-one’s home, with these nifty Whiskey Stones from Sagaform.

What a perfect gift for anyone who prefers their tipple chilled and full of flavour. After popping in the freezer, the textural-granite rocks are ready to keep suave ladies and gents drinks cool in temperature and style. You get 9 design-savvy whiskey rocks that arrive in a black-velvet pouch, giving an extra-special gifty touch. Not forgetting, Santa will be able to sip his single malt the way he likes it, cold and undiluted!

Why not treat somebody to this cheeky devil, which in turn, results in the gift of satisfaction when that beer bottle-top just pops right of at the party. The Diabolix Bottle Opener, from kitchen design geniuses Alessi, is a Christmas present ideal for a stocking-filler or small token. He’s small (and easy to wrap up) and big on character.

He’ll brighten up cutlery drawers in any kitchen and make a functional friend to the lucky recipient. How could anyone resist that devilish little face?

For those foodies you know who’d love something a little different in their kitchen, these Ceramic Russian Doll Measuring Cups from Swift would make an enchanting gift this Christmas. Both ornamental and functional, these babushka-inspired beauties will measure out ingredients for cakes and other culinary-delights, while remaining a delightful addition to any kitchen surface.

Surely whoever you chose to give this sweet little present to, will be so pleased. They’ll be baking you treats every time you pop over, everyone’s a winner!

Now, if you’re really stuck as to what to get someone, you need a fail-safe gift option. This is sure to create a jolly moment this Christmas when unwrapped by the lucky recipients. Presents are rarely both amusing andfunctional, unless they’re a loo-roll saturated in colour! The 3 roll gift-tube would look great, festively wrapped up like a cracker, under the tree any any home.

What a talking point at Christmas parties too! Did you know that Simon Cowell has said he only uses black toilet roll at home? No? Well, there’s a quirky anecdote you can use at social gatherings – a gift from us to you.

Now, pick your gifts, get the wrapping done and go and enjoy the festivities!

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