Picture This...

We all love to take snaps and capture our memories but what do we do with them after?

Do we:

1) Condemn them to the dusty old shoe-box under the bed

2) Do we create some wonderful art with them?

Here at Red Candy we want to make your photographic experience picture perfect from start to finish! From the niftiest little cameras to the wackiest frames, your every need will be catered for.

1. Choosing the Perfect Camera

In the age of the Smartphone, the need or more over the want for an actual camera has massively died down. Camera's have become almost something of a commodity and arguably an accessory for all those hip and young things which stomp around our city grounds with the odd vintage Polaroid number swinging from their neck.

Yet there is something massively beautiful about not relying on your phone for absolutely everything and no matter how many knobs and whistles a smartphone may have, the quality from a proper focus lens cannot be beaten. How many professional photographers do you see conducting their shoots with an iPhone?


Dash: Polaroid 300 Instant Camera- £65.00
Due to demand, the instant days of the Polaroid are back in our lives and this little camera really is something of a little party piece! It's compact, quirky and most importantly red! So we can say bye bye to waiting to see our snaps in physical form and hello to instant creativity.

Cash: Fujifilm Finepix S4500- £135.00
With 14 megapixels and 30x optical zoom, this little beauty has all the power of a traditional SLR, but without any of the hefty bulk. It's also packed full of features to ensure that you capture that moment regardless of time or place.

Splash: Canon EOS 7D + Lens Kit- £1,479.00
If you want your pictures to say more and kick start or return to photography as a hobby or even a sideline profession this little number could become your best friend. It's performance "CV" is rather impressive with skills that vary from a dust and weather resistant body and superb detail in low light to 100% accurate exposure rates!

2. Location, Location, Location

You may purchase a camera which is the fairest among them all but the question is what the heck are you going to do with it? I'm pretty sure that this is the one aspect that we don't need to give you advice on, as to be quite honest anything goes.

Holiday snaps, beach landscapes, close-ups in the garden, children opening their presents at Christmas, adults opening their presents at Christmas, pets misbehaving, family occasions etc etc. There are just two golden rules to taking the perfect picture.

1. Don't ever be afraid to pull out the camera!
2. Forced images rarely become treasured ones!

3. Printing the Perfect Picture

There are so many options for printing today from the traditional method of going to the photo shop, to printing at home with specially made printers for the occasion. So here's a couple of ingenious printing solutions that we have found:

Dash: A trip to the local photo shop
Why not get acquainted with your local photo shop, a friendly hello can go a long way to providing more than just a photo, they might even pass some photography tips your way if you say cheeeeese!

Cash: Polaroid 300 Film (10 Prints)- £12.99
All you'll ever need with the Polaroid 300 camera! Easy, peasey, lemon squeezey!

Splash: Canon Selphy CP900 Wireless Photo Printer- £69.99
Make printing easy and get rid of the middle man there's no need for wires, memory cards, uploading or the rest of that paraphernalia. Just sync your phone or digital camera up to the device via PictBridge or Wi-fi and in 47 seconds your photo will pop out the other end. There's even a Portrait Image Optimise feature that you can use to correct dark patches or red eye, what more could you want?

4. And the Gallery is Open...
So, now you have a sizable collection of perfect snaps all that is left to do is to find them a beautiful home so that you can show off your marvelous skills!

Dash:Umbra Sprout Photo Display- £20.00
'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?' With memories and souvenirs, you'll never want to let go! This design is the absolute pinnacle of character and would be the perfect way to display those quirky little Polaroid snaps. It hold up to 16 photos at varying heights, so you can absolutely shower your window bottom with mugshots and memories!

Cash: Umbra Luna Photo Art Display- £67.00
Why not frame your photos with class in this unique art-decoesque style frame from Umbra. It's perfect not only to frame your exemplary photo skills but to make them a feature of art for your wall. Due to the depth of the frame you could also use it to display your trinkets just like a mini shelving unit!

Splash: Present Time Maze Photo Frame Black (54 Photos)- £135.00
For when you've become entirely hooked to your photography but don't want your house to look like a portrait gallery this is the perfect solution as it holds 54 photos! It has a beautiful grid effect to it which makes it highly contemporary and at just shy of a square meter you can guarantee that your snaps won't be overlooked!

Happy Snapping Chaps!

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