7 of the best....Red Bedrooms

Looking to spruce up your bedroom this spring? Dust off the cobwebs and get the pots of paint out because we've rounded up some of the best red bedroom ideas on the web. Although a bold colour, red is surprisingly easy to work with and if added little by little has a great impact on both small and large rooms.

Have a gander at the interior decor pictures below and take some inspiration for your next bedroom makeover, we'd love to know which design you really love, so let us know in the comments :)

1. Aside from the unusual mirror and the gorgeous blackbird print, the red and white look of this bedroom is complimented by a surprising addition of bright sky blue legs on the chairs and the bed, cute!

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2. A classic contemporary design that makes the most of a neutral monochrome and red palette by adding soft lighting. We especially love that unusual pair of red vases.

3. A very chic update on a traditional rustic-inspired bedding set. What could have gone the shabby chic route, is completely transformed by the high-gloss of the deep red wall. This red bedroom seems to enhance the bright, white of the bedding too making it all look lovely and clean.

4. This hipster loft makes the most of rustic aesthetic and adds a dash of deep red colour for extra interest. Adding a modern touch to an aged room is definitely an interior design feature that we'd like to have a go at.

5. This has to be how you do girly-grown up. No baby pinks in this room, instead the cream and white palette of the walls are accented by bold splashes of purple, fuschia and red. We love the consistency of the circular patten in the headboard and the footstool too.

6. A super chic bedroom in what looks like a gorgeous home, the white room and the lush green foliage outside are perfectly offset by a bright red bed.

7. Not a colour pairing that usually comes to mind, but dare we say it, the citrus lime-yellow colour of the bed and lamp look amazing in a red room.

Will you be using any of these for inspiration in your own home?

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