A Curious Christmas Tree

A Curious Christmas Tree
Now and then in the office we root out an product and try and work out interesting ways of using as display. In the case of the Fotofalls Photo Tree by Umbra, were admittedly stumped at first as to where to put it and what to do with it. Every time you moved it, it would bounce around like an angry jelly fish, so it would need to stay in a place that wouldn't get too much traffic.

After some thought, and a bit of work convincing the crocodile clips to stop biting each other and stay in place, we decided we would make it into Red Candy's first ever Christmas tree!

The tree put up a bit of a fight, but was eventually subdued
and transformed into a sparkling , festive display

The finished product.

Lovely red and silver decorations
Speaking of photo trees, we also have a mini version, the Umbra Fotofalls Desktop. We use this for our collection of business cards. The idea is that it starts off with its branches full of Red Candy cards, and as we meet with other clients and companies, it eventually ends up with a new set of business card 'leaves'. Genius!

If you fancy doing something like this with, for example, this year's Christmas cards, then pop on over to the main Red Candy site and have a gander at our selection of photo trees.

Umbra Petal Photo Display Red

Umbra Fotofalls Photo Tree - Full size photo tree
Umbra Fotofalls Desktop - Dinky enough for your desk
Umbra Petal Photo Stand Memo Holder - Flowers in a pot
Umbra Petal Photo Display Red - Red version as pictured

Please write in if you have any more ideas for unusual photo tree functions. That's all from me for today.

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