Set the Table - Creating an intimate atmosphere

Set the Table - Creating an intimate atmosphere
The first time I ever lived on my own was when I went away to university to study music. Much to the surprise of my fellow room mates, I really took to the domestic end of things (thanks to the teachings of my highly organised mum) and took great enjoyment in making my little room into a cosy space to live and study.

Today things aren't much different, though these days I have a whole flat to go to town on. One of my favourite times to express my 'inner interior designer' is when we have friends round for a meal. Below are some pictures from a table I set a couple of weeks ago for a quiet meal with hubby and another of our friends.

I think candles are brilliant when it comes to setting the mood at a dinner party - instant atmosphere! I love to use all sorts, difference sizes, some in holders, on or next to mirrors. Here I've combined some simple tea lights with these proud looking red candles. These are actually specially hand-filled Bribe Fini Flame tumblers that I've been eager to try out. Teamed with a strip of gold sequin fabric, I think they look particularly effective.

The picture you can see hanging in the background below is a print of one of my favourite paintings, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt that I bought from a poster sale in my first year at university. If you like it as much as I do, you can buy it here from

The large red candles are exclusive to Red Candy and are available for purchase here: Red Glass Tumbler Candles.

If you quite like the look of the tumblers themselves, Red Candy also sells the Bribe Fini Flame Tumblers in sets of four from here.

I hope you've got some good tips from the Big Red Blog today and that you have fun making your own table displays.

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