Celebrate Ocean Day with Red Candy 🌊

Celebrate Ocean Day with Red Candy 🌊
SUN of a BEACH 🌊 today Is world ocean day! Don’t worry, we definitely didn’t forget… In fact, it’s one of our favourite days. In honour of this SEA-sational day, we wanted to share with you a special brand who’s mission Is to keep our ocean happy, healthy, green and clean!
Qualy is a Thai brand that is dedicated to respecting the planet by designing sustainable, eco-friendly, everyday products. The Red Candy team is thrilled to have Qualy a collection of wonderful and unique gifts & goodies. Some Qualy products include, turtle toothbrush holders that are made out of discarded fishing nets and marine wildlife magnets that are made out of recycled PET bottles. We are happy to share with you a brand that is 100% committed to keeping our planet GREEN and our oceans CLEAN.
Have a browse of our wonderful, Qualy products!
Okay so imagine this... It's a nice, hot, summer day and you're relaxing in a luxurious pool when all of a sudden BAM you're wrapped up and stuck in a bunch of fishing net!!!! Total vibe killer, eh? Help save our TURTLE-ly awesome turtle friends by purchasing products like this, Save the Turtles Magnet, which contributes to rescue marine life and keeping our oceans clean and safe! A unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion!
Wait a minute, you're tell me PLAYING a fun game can HELP rescue marine wildlife!? Introducing, Dominocean! Dominocean is made from 100% discarded fishing nets collected through the “Net Free Seas” project operated by EJF. Woah woah the awesome-ness doesn't even end there... each piece not only cleans our oceans but it also creates an alternative income for artisanal fishers in Thailand!  Dominocean makes for the perfect, thoughtful pressie for anyone in your life!
It's cute, it's coral themed, it's the Coral Toothbrush Holder! When purchasing any of our Qualy products, you are contributing to helping keep our oceans a cleaner and safer place for our marine friends! This toothbrush holder holds up to two toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste for your family… or just yourself if you happen to like using two brushes.
Now we will leave you with five fun facts about our beautiful oceans!
- The ocean covers 70% of the surface of our planet!
- The ocean Is home to 94% of all life on earth!
- The ocean acts as a global climate control system: it regulates the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere by absorbing, storing and releasing the greenhouse gas in a variety of ways and places, thereby affecting Earth's climate.
- The world's largest living structure isn't an enormous copse of trees or even a massive fungus—it's the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. (It’s so huge, you can actually see It from outer space!) The ocean produces more than half of the oxygen we breath!
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