Funky & Fun Footstools!

Funky & Fun Footstools!
Like a bull in a china shop, our Highland Bull Footstools are smashing! 
So go orrrrn, put your feet up, but be careful! Our aMOOsing bull footstools might nibble your toes! Popular, practical and as playful as a platypus in a pond, our Highland Bull footstools bring the instant fun factor to your home. For that fun-loving friend who likes to kick back with a smile on their face, this is the perfect gift for them! But if you're like me, you'll just end up keeping it and starting your very own footstool farm! 
A unique piece of furniture that’s good for both small kids and big kids alike. Our Highland Bull footstools is the great addition to your living room that you’ve been looking for. Kick back, Relax and put your feet up on this lovely little piece of décor. These beautiful bulls are here to make sure you reach relaxation land. No bull about it! 
Heyyyyoooo who wants a Highland Bull Footstool!? YOU of course! 
Buff in colour and buff in build, it's Blaze the Highland Bull Footstool! Blaze can hold your feet on his sturdy back. What more can you ask for? 
Beatrice loves to be BUTTERed with compliments - isn't her nose ring just the cutest thing!? Keep up the compliments and Beatrice just might let you rest your feet on her back! 
This footstool is handmade to order in the UK - due to the sheepskins being a natural product, colours can vary, especially from month to month. 
So you wanna be in the herd? You wanna look just like the cool Cooper the copper highland bull footstool? You got your work cut out for you, kid.  
First, you gotta cover your whole body in copper coloured fur. Sound stupid? Well it's not. Now you gotta be cool with chilling in a field all day and hanging out with all the other Highland's. The last step is to chew on some cud. I'm sure you don’t have a problem with that one, you nutter! Now you're a real part of the footstool mob. But you’ll only know you’ve made it, if you get a foot on your back. Capeesh? 
Look who's arrived! It's Sylvester the Stone coloured Highland Bull Footstool! (He occasionally goes by Rocky for short...) 
Add some funky footstool fun into your living room or bedroom when adding this Highland Bull Footstool! Not only is Sylvester a fabulous footstool, he is a great side-table as well as a charming decorative piece that will certainly initiate conversation at your next dinner party! 
Is that a nose ring!? Don't you remember? I said NO piercings in Ibiza! I don't care if all your other Highland Bull friends got one too! 
Now here's a funky footstool that rebellions will be head over heels for! Charlize the Highland Bull Footstool's high quality charcoal fur pairs beautifully with her forbidden nose ring. Rest your feet on this bold beauty's back or add this unruly piece of furniture in any space to spice it up! 
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