Perfect Plates For You!

Perfect Plates For You!

So, picture this…  

Your mother-in-law just called and she’s doing a surprise pop in this Sunday morning and not only that, she’s expecting some lunch.  

So what’re you going to do?  

You’re going to set your table with your cheeky and cute side plates from Red Candy to wow your unexpected (and tough to impress) guest! 

It’s simple to add some character to your latest culinary creation with one of our quirky dinner plates! In a range of tongue-in-cheek designs - from fashion-conscious animals to cartoon bearded fellows - our eye-catching plates make a wonderful conversation starter at any meal so have yourself a look and thank us later! 


I Love Toast The Most Side Plate 

You know it's GUINEA be a good day when you're having toast for breakfast!  

This totally cute toast bandit loves to PIG out on a nice piece of brioche, toasted with butter & raspberry jam. It's true, he told me that combo is his WHEEEEkness! 




Ey Up! Side Plate

The door goes, you answer it, but there’s no need to say any pleasantries, just wait for the dinner table! Let your guests come in quietly and awkwardly. Make them sit down and stay in silence until dinner is served. Then as soon as you serve the starter, a great big hullabaloo of ey up ducks, hellos, what’s ups, bonjours and what are you doing heres can emanate from the dining room. 

Ey Up Duck (whoops, almost did a typo there) is a witty, titty plate, especially when you’re serving chicken and not duck. Oh how we laughed! 


Wild Dining Plate - Cat

Turn your dinner into a creative masterpiece with the purrrfect Wild Dining Plate - Cat!  

This characterful kitten dining plate by Mustard is nothing short of the cat’s whiskers. It features Courtney the Cat, a feline female of fine fashion tastes and a companion you’ll always enjoy having round for dinner. 


Pastry Eating Champion

Sorry to BADGER you... but I was wondering if you wanted to have a pastry eating competition? 

Just so you know, I'm known as the pastry eating champion around here so only enter this comp if you're prepared to eat 20+ croissants and butter cakes in under 20 minutes.  

The perfect plate for people who could quit their day job and become a professional pastry eater instead! 


Hubert & George Beard Plate

Raise a smile at any mealtime with the Hubert & George Beard Plate Set!  

Part of artist Phil Jones’ Food In My Beard collection, these cheerful chaps allow you to eat all the tasty crumbs stored in their rather stylish food catchers. Choose from Hubert’s tangled bristles and George’s bushy caveman style beard to instantly add a tongue-in-cheek edge to your meal! 

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