Say Cheese, please! Celebrate World Cheese Day with Red Candy's GOUDA Gifts 🧀

Say Cheese, please! Celebrate World Cheese Day with Red Candy's GOUDA Gifts 🧀

Calling all cheese aficionados and dairy enthusiasts, World Cheese Day is here! Looking to BRIE the star of the party? Why don’t you indulge in a delightful array of cheesy treats and accessories from Red Candy! From quirky cheese boards to hilarious cheese-themed gifts, let's dive into a cheddar-filled adventure that will leave you craving more!

The Cheese Sloth Side Plate

Enjoy your cheese in a leisurely way with The Cheese Sloth side plate! This wonderful, illustrated depiction of a tree-hanging sloth in blue underpants, with a plate of cheese, is really all you need to make your day better!

F**k, I Love Cheese Tea Towel

Add some cheekiness to your kitchen and declare how much you love cheese with the F**k, I Love Cheese Tea Towel! This delightful splash of colourful profanity is sure to brighten up your day when drying up. Made from 100% super-absorbent cotton, this orange dish towel features woven artwork of a smiley character looking through the holes of a slice of cheese with the quote above. The rest of the tea towel features white polka dots throughout.

Aubergine Chopping Board

What’s your preference? Do you like ‘em big? A bit wide, perhaps? Oh, and the longer, the better! Honestly, it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it, and we think the Aubergine Chopping Board is just the right size. Wait…what did you think we were talking about?

Nacho Cheese Crips Bauble

What do you call a Cheese Crisps Bauble that isn’t yours? NACHO Cheese Crisps Bauble! Alright, you may have heard that one before, but by purchasing this bauble you won’t only be certain that this really IS your Cheese Crisps Bauble… you’ll be sure of the fact that this is the best bauble on the branch!

The Cheese Ferret! Side Plate

Have you ever heard of the old wives tale of the cheese ferret? Well, it's kind of a CHEESY story but it certainly is unFERRgettable! It's said that the cheese ferret comes out only at night and eats all your cheese! From asiago to zakusochny (but it's said feta is his favorite) this cheese lover will leave no piece or slice left behind! The ideal gift for the person who claims to not snack, but we all know they really have a secret stash of cheese ferreted away...

On this joyous occasion of World Cheese Day, let Red Candy be your one-stop destination for all things cheesy and delightful. With their wide selection of products that are CURD-ently trending, stylish cheese boards and charming kitchen accessories, you'll have everything you need to celebrate your love for cheese in style. So, go ahead, embrace the cheesiness, and let Red Candy be your guide to a world of cheesy wonders.

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