CUSH-ty Cushions 🌟

CUSH-ty Cushions 🌟

That couch is looking suspiciously drab. Let's just replace that square cushion with one shaped as a campervan, and that red wine stained cream one with a literal croissant cushion. Tah dah! Consider your couch Red Candied! And for that special softy in your life, get them a cushty gift for a splash of quirky comfort.

So have a look at our CUSH-ty cushions and find yourself the most perfect pillow to place in your home!


[Croissant Cushion]

Ooh la la! Check out the curves on this brilliantly baked delight! The Croissant, easily the most famous of the French breads (sorry baguette) has finally been immortalized in plush form, as the Croissant Cushion is here to cuddle you with its crust… though we dread to think how much butter went into making it.

[Sausage Dog Cushion]

Of course, the Red Candy team loves all breeds of dogs... Chihuahuas, Poodles, Golden Retrievers... but what about Spotted, Red Elongated Dog Cushions? This canine cushion is a FURtastic friend to add to your space - they will add cosy, comfort and companionship? Can a French Bulldog do that!?!? (Maybe, but not as good...)

[Campervan Cushion]

Get groo-V W-ith this unique Volkswagen van-shaped cushion! Do you miss the 60s and 70s? The funky colours, the freedom of van life, and iconic outfits. When Janis Joplin was begging you to come on and take another little piece of her heart now baby! When Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones missed you. It was absolutely psychedelic, man! Brighten up your home with an aesthetic and comfortable homage to the era of peace and love, and something that smells a lot less than that van you lived in for a month…

[Banana Cushion]

I am completely convinced that this product sells itself. It’s a banana cushion. A cushion shaped like a banana. Could this BE any cooler? What more do you need to know? I really don’t even think we need any banana puns in here and that’s saying something. Get a banana cushion now, because life is too short be square.


[Turtle Cushion]

Take this terrific turtle cushion everywhere you go by hanging this comfy cushion on your bag. SEA for yourself, they're much softer than the real thing. An ex-SHELL-ent purchase indeed for anyone who adores these sweet and even-tempered animals. That's not counting the snapping ones! I wouldn't want to rest my head on one of those...

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