Perfect Picnic Picks!

Perfect Picnic Picks!
If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. We certainly are surprised… who brought the crude bunnies salt & pepper shakers along to the picnic!? 
Want to KETCHUP with friends over an alfresco feast or a laid-back lunch while you RELISH in the sun but don’t know where to start? Well think outside the box! No literally… think outside on a gingham blanket, beside an oak tree while basking in the sunshine and have yourself a perfectly precious picnic party!  
We've got you covered for picnic products because the accessories are just as important as the snacks! Have a look at our perfect picnic picks and thank us later. 
Oh, come on! Don’t act like you’re in-SALT-ed! Haven’t you ever seen two bunnies that find each other  
EAR-resistible?! As the saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”, but if you’re not afraid to get a little hot and bothered, we’ve got just what you need to help spice things up! The At It Like Rabbits Salt & Pepper Shakers may be HOPPING mad, but they certainly add some PEP to an otherwise traditionally sensible shaker set. Pftttt, sensible?! No BUNNY wants that anyway! 
A brilliant way to serve drinks to your picnic guests! The tumblers come in a set of four, with each cup featuring a unique design. The four designs featured are called Kanaloa, Lono, KU and Kane, designs based on the ancient Tiki masks found on islands in the pacific. Get the straw skirts and blossom necklaces ready! 
4 mystically inspired designs: KANALOA God of the Sea, KANE God of Light & Life, KU God of War and LONO God of Fertility & Peace. 
You’ve got something WHALE-y big stuck in your teeth. It’s pink, green and… it looks like it has legs! It’s plankton! Jeeze, you’re a mucky PUP. Get Jonah to lend you a toothpick from his grill, he’s got plenty of them! 
Big Blue Jonah is the perfect dinner companion to pick those pickles out of your teeth, to keep you from looking fool-FISH. Great for foodie sea lovers and toothpick princes. 

Hey Pizza Tea Towel

When it comes to food, in pizza we CRUST! 
Deep dish, thin crust, Detroit-style, Neapolitan, no matter how you slice it, the fact remains that pizza is simply the best (let’s keep Hawaiian out of this though, shall we?). 
If you’re one to praise a pizza pie, you’re going to want to say hi, or rather HEY, to the Hey Pizza Tea Towel. As though fresh out of a New York pizzeria, this cotton towel features a classic red and white checkered pattern. At the bottom, you'll spot a playful illustration of a slice who has come to life and is dishing out a cheeky little compliment. Damn, is it just us or does this fella looks good enough to eat? 
Add some character to your dinner party with the Hubert & George Beard Plate Set! 
Inspired by the eternal joke about men using their facial fuzz to store food for later, these cheerful creations allow you to pick out and eat these fabled morsels - straight from the bushy beards of two friendly fellows, Bernard and Samuel. 
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