ConGRADulations on Graduating! Red Candy’s Great Grad Gift Ideas 🙌🏻📖🧑‍🎓

ConGRADulations on Graduating! Red Candy’s Great Grad Gift Ideas 🙌🏻📖🧑‍🎓
For some, graduation season commemorates a pivotal moment in one’s life and career... for us it simply means an excuse to give a gift! But seriously, do I really need to give my aunt’s cousin’s dogsitter’s son a graduation gift??? 
Regardless of what kind of grad you’re gifting for, whether it be a studious academic making headway for an additional degree, or a grad looking to jet set, we’ll help you find a fantastic way to say conGRADulations to your grad without being like everyone else, that’s the Red Candy specialty! 
For your grad that won’t get the time back they spent memorizing the periodic table... Surely, they’ll get a kick out of this tea towel, and if not... well they can refer to the table on how to best tell you to f*ck off. 
Everyone needs a motivational quote from time to time. For whatever next adventure your grad is tackling, these pencils are sure to help them through. They may need even the simplest of reminders such as, “Try not to shit yourself”! Or that ever encouraging “Keep smiling you c***”. Whatever works, I guess. 
I suppose you've noticed the lack of question mark at the end. This is a statement, not a hint. This is what we do here. After work we get drunk. Not before, not during. After. Capiche?! What better way to give your grad a warm welcome to the workforce!  
Why settle for a doormat that’s just plane boeing?! Instead, help your grade upgrade their decor to first-class with the Arrivals & Departures Doormat. Whether your grad is jetset, I mean hellbent, on grabbing their boarding pass and heading out the door once the diploma is in their hands, or coming home from a long-haul flight, this doormat’s clever “Arrivals” and “Departures” messaging will assure you that you’re headed in the right direction. 
Ooooo so you’ve saved more than me, have you? Get you, you swanky, suave suck-up, up yours! 
Your grad is ready to boast their new job, and they deserve it! For every penny you pop in, you earn a moment of smugness. Suggestions include a raised eyebrow, a scoff, or a condescending pat on the head. 
Don’t suffer from low ELF-esteem with money, say GNOME to quick spending, and yes to savvy saving. Those little guys GNOME it all. 
There we have it! Five fool proof gifts for every and all type of graduate in your circle. When your grad is over-the-moon about these perfect picks, you can thank us. Way to be unique, you! 
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