HOPPY National Beer Day! 🍻🍻

HOPPY National Beer Day! 🍻🍻
Cheers, beer aficionados!

It's that HOPPY time of year when we gather 'round to celebrate the golden nectar we all adore. Beer Day is upon us, and we're here to toast this malty masterpiece with a barrel-full of laughter, a pint of beer-related puns and of course, Red Candy’s beer themed products! Grab your favourite stein, dust off your best beer jokes, and let's dive into a sudsy adventure!

Beer Swimmers Thermal Water Bottle

It’s weird how drinking 8 glasses of water every day seems physically impossible and yet, drinking 8 glasses of beer is so damn easy! This David Shrigley thermal water bottle is perfect for any person who would happily stand nose high in a vat full of beer. ‘Nuff said.

Blue Ribbon Beer Can Bauble

Mulled wine and Sherry? For Christmas? Groundbreaking. Why not break tradition this holiday season and crack open a different kind of yuletide bevvy? Introducing, the Blue Ribbon Beer Can! A favourite amongst hipsters and broke uni students alike, this brew will help your tree get its merriment on this holiday season. Yes, that’s right, you think you’re the only one that needs to get a few drinks in before your Uncle Stuart comes over for Christmas Dinner?! Trust us, your tree needs some holiday cheer too! Go on and pop this on the highest branch of your fantastic fir… it’s the YEAST you can do!

Beer Diver Coaster

Come on in, the water’s BREW-tiful! If you know someone who would happily dive headfirst in a vat full of beer, then look no further than giving them this to-the-point set of coasters, a gift that’ll make them very HOPPY.

After Work, We Get Drunk Mug

Suppose you've noticed the lack of question mark at the end. This is a statement, not a hint. This is what we do here. After work we get drunk. Not before, not during. After. Capiche?! Perfect for an office that needs a few more smiles on MUGS. You could say it's a reminder of what's to come when the clock strikes five, but if you work at home, who's to say when work ends, ey...? Caw! That's a strong-tasting tea. Who said there was tea in here?

Craft Beer Bauble

‘What can I get ya to drink mate? Pint of Carlsberg? Heineken? Maybe a cheeky Birra Moretti?’
‘Hmm. Do they have anything on draft with wheat that’s been picked by angels in a field of gold? Or if not, something with hops that has been harvested by heroic figures from history?’
We all have that friend. They’ve got their head in their Untapped app, wanting to show off their latest and trendiest craft brew conquests. They turn their nose up at a Peroni, scoff at a Stella, bad mouth a Budweiser.
They’ve become impossible to go to the pub with because nothing is ever good enough. We would normally recommend cutting them out of your life entirely, but tis the season of love and forgiveness, so rather than lose your pal to posh pints, get ‘em this Craft Beer Bauble for Christmas. Just be warned, they may give you a lecture on barley for the next two hours…
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