Must Have Products for Art Lovers!

Must Have Products for Art Lovers!
It's hard to come up with a creative gift idea when you’re shopping for the most artistic person you know... But don’t worry! Red Candy’s got you covered, duhhhh!
We’ve rounded up the best gifts for the awesome artist in your life – these unique products are sure to impress any creative soul — whether their passion lies in painting, drawing, poetry or another more niche form of artistry, they’ll love these cheeky notebooks, crude pencils and cool desk tidies! So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our must have products for art lovers!

Write Poetry Notebook

Roses are red 
Foxes are clever, 
I like your butt 
Let me touch it forever 

How was that? 

Okay fine, how’s this? 

Roses are red 
Violets are yellow 
I’m hoping this poem will get me a fellow 
Ahh f*** it. Poetry is haaaard!! 
Despite rhyming woes, you can still have fun scribbling, doodling, grocery shop-listing (and the occasional poetry writing attempt) in this A6 notebook! 


Double Sharpener Desk Tidy

I f you are a self-confessed stationery addict then what better way is there to keep your desk tidy than this giant sharpener pen pot?! 

The Suck UK Double Sharpener Desk Tidy is a novel, yet classy, desk organiser, which would make a wonderful addition to any home office! Shaped like a giant pencil sharpener, this quirky wooden pen pot will cater to all your stationery storage needs. 

Art Will Save The World Sketchbook

What’s going to save the world? 
Waste reduction 
And of course… art! 

Who’s going to save the world? 
The next generation 
And of course… David Shrigley! 
Spoil the artist in your life with a great gift that allows them to express themself and of course, save the world! 

Modern Toss Motivational Pencil Set

A pencil set for your thoughts? Or at least a pencil set filled with these fascinating and cheeky thoughts. 

Open the cool slide-y box and choose from such phrases as 'Both Sharp and Blunt', 'Everything I write is nonsense', 'I draw nudes' and, our favourite, 'I'm in a very good mood.' Pencil set perfection! 


My Artwork Is Terrible Sketchbook

From the hilarious and unique mind of David Shrigley, this sketchbook is a must have if you’re honest and angsty every time you pick up a pen. 

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