Crazy, Superstitious, Love

L is for leaves, specifically of the bay kind, which can apparently tell your future, as well as helping food taste delicious. O is for "Oi!" and "Ouch!" The sound brides throughout Egypt make as they get pinched during their magical/painful day. V is for vexed, which is how a Russian partner will end up if you buy them an even number of roses. E is for elbows, which are magical in America. Of course only once you've kissed them. At Red Candy we love Valentine's Day and we love love. That warm feeling you get inside when a partner gets you a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day and then that singed feeling of your tongue after the warm feeling has subsided. Love is a 'something' that has always been hard to pinpoint, though writers, singers and artists throughout time have all tried. However there are beliefs out there, which think that love can be affected by various actions, namely, superstitions. We have looked at some of the most interesting love superstitions from around the world to see what fascinating ones have popped up from different cultures across the globe. Love-Superstitions
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