The top 10 cutest unlikely animal friendships

We know, we know: Valentine’s Day has become a tad commercialised in recent years! However if you strip it down to the bare bones, it’s really all about celebrating love and friendship; something we happen to be fully on board with! And what better exemplifies the power of love than when, against all odds, friendships are formed between natural enemies? (and we don't mean Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson!) We are, of course, talking about unlikely animal friendships: where wild creatures fight their natural instincts and become friends instead foes, with simply adorable results! There’s not often a clear reason for why some animals turn their usual brunch into their new BBF, but as Queen once sang, love is a crazy little thing! Even if you see Valentine’s as a over-hyped occasion which is mainly celebrated by florists and retail companies (ahem), you can’t fail to be moved by these heart-warming fluffy friendships! 1. Bonedigger the lion and Milo the dog This adorable photo dispels the notion that all lions are ferocious beasts: Bonedigger and Milo the dachshund have been best buds for years now! Bonedigger is partially disabled by a metabolic disease, but luckily that doesn't stop him from giving Milo a big ole hug! unlikely animal friends 5 2. Anjana the chimp and Mitra and Shiva the tigers Anjana the chimpanzee became an unlikely - but adorable - surrogate mum for two white tiger cubs, Mitra and Shiva, who were separated from their mother during a hurricane. unlikely animal friends 1 3. Bambi the deer and Ben the rabbit A real life Bambi and Thumper! Orphan deer Bambi became inseparable from bunny Ben after Ben's owner rescued her from the roadside a few years ago! This adorable pair will warm even the coldest of hearts! unlikely animal friends 9 4. Bubbles the elephant and Bella the dog These unlikely buddies became firm friends after African elephant Bubbles was rescued from poachers and re-homed in South Carolina. There, this gentle giant met labrador Bella, who immediately took a shine to Bubbles, despite her enormous 9,000 pound size. And if that's not cute enough, they even play fetch together!! N'awww! unlikely animal friends 8 5. The parrot and kitten We're not sure of the back story of this adorable pair, but this photo was simply too cute not to feature! This sleepy kitten has overcome his bird-chasing instinct for a good cuddle and snooze with his parrot friend! unlikely animal friends 4 6. Shere Khan the tiger, Baloo the bear and Leo the lion This unlikely friendship between a lion, tiger and bear is as heart-warming as the Jungle Book! Once owned by a drug dealer who abused them, they now live happily at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia. unlikely animal friends 7 7. Torque the dog and Shrek the owl These two are a real hoot! Greyhound pup Torque took Shrek the baby owl under his proverbial wing after Shrek was separated from her mum. Adorable! unlikely animal friends 3 8. Wilma the Ostrich and Bea the Giraffe Apparently having a long neck is the main criteria for this particular friendship club! Wilma and Bea live in Busch Gardens, Florida, and whilst most of the inhabitants tend to spread out over the massive 65-acre area, Bea and Wilma are positively inseparable! unlikely animal friends 2 9. Owen the hippo and Mzee the tortoise This baby hippo and 130-year old tortoise became fast friends after Owen mistook Mzee for another hippo! unlikely animal friends 6 10. Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog If this blog post has taught us anything, it's that dogs will literally make friends with any creature! And Suryia and Roscoe are another fine example of this. After meeting at a reserve for endangered animals, Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the bluetick hound have never left each other's side. They've even released a book about their unusual friendship! unlikely animal friends 10 This top 10 list has been complied by Sources:
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