Odd and Dangerous Diets

Many of us know the struggle of dieting, your favourite foods staring sadly at you from store shelves, calling to you “Eat me! Eat me!” A proper nutritional diet is a long and ongoing process. It is a lifestyle change that requires considerable effort and willpower. However, this can be hard, and with anything that requires effort throughout history, short-term solutions have always appeared. In the case of dieting, some of the craziest and downright dangerous solutions to losing weight have been thought up. We thought with the Oscars coming up and in celebration of celebrities and their fad diets, we would explore the mad world of diets. From losing weight by knocking yourself out with sleeping pills, to just not eating or drinking anything at all, forever, we have discovered some of the most extreme dieting methods ever created to make ‘Odd and Dangerous Diets’ just for your enjoyment. We hope you like tucking in (or not) to this piece! odd-dangerous-diets
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