DAD-tastic Gifts For Father’s Day!

DAD-tastic Gifts For Father’s Day!
Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to celebrate those amazing dads who have mastered the art of dad jokes and provided endless love and “dadvice”. But when it comes to finding the perfect gift, forget the ties and socks this year. Get ready to tickle your dad's funny bone and make him laugh out loud with cheeky, unique, and quirky gifts from Red Candy. Trust us, these gifts will have your dad saying, "Oh, dadgum, this is the best Father's Day ever!" 
Back from extinction, the Nachosaurus is roaming right into snack time with the aim to curb your Dad’s mammoth hunger! Made of green plastic, this prehistoric pot is perfect for your pop’s snacks and nibbles. The design has a hole in the stegosaurus’ back, to swap out those bony plates for tortilla crisps, pretzels or sweets. This Jurassic joy also comes with a bowl, which is separated into two portions. Enjoy serving a variety of fossil fuel…otherwise known as delicious dips! 
Is your Dad looking to get organised? Prepare for him to shout hip hippo hooray when you give him this Hungry Hippo Desk Tidy for Father’s Day! 
Made from polyresin, this clever organiser is shaped like an adorable hippo with his mouth open wide! Unlike regular hippos, nothing curbs this friendly guy's appetite quite like keys, glasses, lip balm or any bits and bobs that may be scattered 'round the desk. You don't want to hippo-pota-MISS this quirky desk tidy! 
The name’s End…Bookend. 
The suave, stylish granddaddy of spies will slip into shelf space, and he’s on a mission to make sure your dad’s books are seen By Your Eyes Only. 
Made of black metal, the James Bond Bookend perfectly depicts 007 as he raises his Golden Gun. And of course, no Bond story would be complete without a Bond girl, who stands proudly up against your stack of books! This bookish Bond Girl has both brains and beauty! Dad will definitely SkyFALL in love with this gift! 
He may be light, but The Pipe Person Sitting Lamp isn’t too light on his feet. He just needs somewhere to sit and balance his bright bottom! 
This table lamp is tuckered out and you would be too if you spent the whole day lighting up the room. On top of that, this fella spent his past life as a tap, so you can’t blame him for feeling completely drained! As a result, this pipe pal is taking a seat, but you don’t fear, ‘cause know WATT?! He’s still going to brighten up any space! 
With a fish-shaped pendulum and authentic-looking tin-shaped body featuring a peeled lid, this fabulously fishy wall clock will have your friends green at the gills when they spot it. It really is quite a catch! 
This Sardine Wall Clock wouldn't look out of place in any bright and colourful kitchen or living room. Perfect for Pops that don't take life too seriously, this cod be the fish-ining touch to any room! It's had us kraken up, anyway... 
Brown sandals with white ankle socks. I sincerely couldn’t think of anything more appropriate for this kind of in-between weather. You want to wear summery shoes, because your boots are knackered from the winter, and it’s far too hot to be covering your toes with leather. But it’s too cold to venture out with the entire foot on show. Hence socks and sandals were invented by some genius dad that said ‘Don’t tell your mother’.
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