Red Candy's TOP TEN Weirdest Gifts!!!

Red Candy's TOP TEN Weirdest Gifts!!!
We present to you... Red Candy's TOP TEN Weirdest Gifts!!!  
Remember when scrolling through these jaw-dropping, head scratching, smile inducing gifts & goodies that Red Candy is the only place you will find a Bogpuss Toilet Paper Holder, Sardine Tin Wall Clock and Croissant Cushion!!! 
What better way to celebrate the female form than to grow life from this symbolic Booby Planter? 
It may not be the first thing you would think of to make your cactus grow, but it certainly adds an eye-catching design to your home! It doesn’t need to be used as a planter though, it also makes a ravishing snack or storage bowl – ideal for storing those coffee pods to keep you perky in the morning. 
Stop your cat shredding your favourite furniture and turn him into a headlining DJ in one fell swoop with the Suck UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck! 
A cat’s natural instinct is to scratch furniture, and Suck UK have taken this idea and given it a fun and unique twist. This quirky cat scratch is tonnes more fun than a standard scratching post. Complete with a spinable deck and posable arm, this interactive scratching box will make your kitty feel like a superstar as he paws the decks. And not only does this quirky cat scratch look amazing, but it will distract your furry friend from eyeing up your favourite chair as his next thing to claw – win win! 
Ooh la la! Check out the curves on this brilliantly baked delight! 
When it comes to baking bread, the French stick out, in a très bon way! They know their dough; the way it should sound when you break it apart, the way it should taste when you put it in your mouth, and the way it should feel when you sit on it. Wait, what? 
No, you read that correctly. The Croissant, easily the most famous of the French breads (sorry baguette) has finally been immortalised in plush form, as the Croissant Cushion is here to cuddle you with its crust… though we dread to think how much butter went into making it. 
Tempted to give this flashing fella a flicker?! 
Despite his name, Mr. P is far from a shy guy - with his hands on his hips, this nudie rudie stands confidently and is ready to light up any room in the house! 
If you’ve ever struggled with hidden switches on lamps, you won’t need to worry about that with Mr. P. His switch is very, erm, visible and it’s quite easy to turn him on! 
So next time you’re having a hard time getting around in the dark, flick the switch and Mr P’s head will light up! A small shade sits on his head, so the light won’t be too bright and powerful! 
With a fish-shaped pendulum and authentic-looking tin-shaped body featuring a peeled lid, this fabulously fishy wall clock will have your friends green at the gills when they spot it. It really is quite a catch! 

This Sardine Wall Clock wouldn't look out of place in any bright and colourful kitchen or living room. Perfect for Pops that don't take life too seriously, this cod be the fish-ining touch to any room! It's had us kraken up, anyway... 

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