Ah, summer birthdays! The season of sunshine, beach parties, good vibes annnnd BIRTHDAY’S! When it comes to finding the perfect gift for all those summer birthdays, you don't want to settle for the same old predictable presents. Fear not, fellow gift-seekers, because we've got a red-hot suggestion for you! Get ready to embrace your inner comedian and make those summer birthdays unforgettable with cheeky, unique, and quirky gifts from Red Candy. Trust us, it's the epitome of gift-giving awesomeness!
It’s a watermeloonneee, inside a watermelOOONNEEE! 
This Watermelon Cushion is a SLICE of summer. Friend’s will have a BALL with this gift, and it’s proven to cure all forms of MELON-linesss, as just simply cuddling up to it will give you a HEALTHY dose of comfort. 
"Stop! Put down the bag and put your hands in the air where I can see them! Kick me the bag. Okay, thanks, you’re free to go. Look, it’s nothing personal, I’m just HANGRY!!!" 
For those surreptitious seagulls who are always looking for a cheeky bite of a BAY-gel, this bag works a warning for anyone passing by to guard their hot donuts like their life depends on it! 
This totally useful tote bag is perfect for storing stolen snacks at the seaside. 
Guaranteed to get your friends and family giggling, the Rude Food Tea Towel is ready to bring heaps of fun to your 5-a-day. Covered in illustrations of aubergine anacondas, courgette c*cks and pepper peckers, this 100% cotton tea towel will become the go-to when it’s time to get down and dirty… with the washing up, that is! 
We don’t CARROT all if you prefer more polite parsnips, it’s all about the RUDE-abaga! 
Roar! That’s what I want to say when I walk out the door. I want my day to start with a roar. I want to growl down the street and strut my stuff. Be aware, neighbourhood, and admire my ruff! 
I step on my doormat and hope for the best, grumble, grimble and bang my chest! The Roar Doormat is the one for me, as I sharpen my teeth and pick out my flees. 
Then when I get home, I can wipe my paws, on a doormat that supports my yawns. I crawl into my den and let the day roll off, and sleep until the morning, when I once again strut my stuff. 
Well? Are we? Are we having pancakes? That is the delicious question we must ask ourselves everyday (except Shrove Tuesday, cos that’s a given). Although a lot of us have the will power to say “nah, I’ll just have some Weetabix”, this plate is an enabler and will entice you to second guess your initial, sensible (but lame) decision and go all out on the short stack!
When it comes to summer birthdays, the key is to think outside the gift-wrapped box and embrace the cheeky and unique side of gifting. Red Candy's online shop is a treasure trove of pun-tastic, laugh-inducing gifts that will leave a lasting impression. So, ditch the ordinary, opt for the extraordinary, and make this summer birthday one for the books! Remember, laughter is the best gift, and Red Candy has got you covered with presents that will make them smile from ear to ear. Get ready to surprise, delight, and celebrate those summer birthdays in style! 
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