**Fabulous Faucets**

Everybody loves a bit of glamour in their lives, and why shouldn't your bathroom be the same?

We've rounded up an extra special collection of fantastic faucets and fixtures to really spice up your bathroom!

Probably one of my favourites of all the ones I've seen today, this unusual tap fixture is fabulous, and gives a really unique finish to a stand-alone tub.

Light up your life with an LED sink!

LED lights don't have to be tacky, this one is just the right amount of light reflection.

Very simple, but so eye-catching. If you love red, then this is the kitchen tap for you!

If you really want to impress visitors to your bathroom, why not spice up your sink area with this gorgeous tap and bowl fixture! The water comes out of the middle of the tap to create a gorgeous flowing effect - magical!

For lovers of everything simple, this double sided tap if perfect for small or cramped bathrooms - perfect if you only want a tiny splash of colour!

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