**Festival Favourites**

With Coachella kicking off this weekend, and many more to follow - we're all hoping for beautiful sun and azure skies! But if the sun fails to dazzle, just take a moment and peruse our collection of favourite RED festival costumes!

Dita Von Teese looking scrumptious as always in a fantastic red-orange floral summer dress - not forgetting her fabulous trademark red pout!

This is probably my favourite festival look, effortlessly chic without looking over styled.

She may not be rocking red, but her fiery red tresses win her masses of points in the style stakes!

A mother and daughter attend together at the "Sister Festival" in China!

Never one for doing things in small measures, this carnival dancer is giving it everything he's got in this fantastic feather plume costume!

Just one of the many spectacular outfits always on show at the Notting Hill festival.

Energetic dancers in vibrant costumes swarm the streets of Kagoshima City in Japan for the Daihanya Festival!

This lady wins a prize for her fabulous Red Dragon costume on Carnival Tuesday in Dominica, Caribbean.

Adorned in sequins, pearls and cascades of beautiful red material the dancers at the Venetian Festival bring some colour to the streets of Venice.

Love it or hate it, this costume certainly has the wow factor - and who better to pull it of than the Latino Diva herself!

Taken at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas!
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