**Land of the Rising Sun**

This Thursday we're celebrating the bold colours, beautiful lacquered furniture and the ornate beauty of Japan with these wonderful oriental-inspired pieces

Add some interest to your space with a wall divider, perfect for dividing up large open spaces - and the rice-paper panels let light through to give any room a lift!

Perfectly iconic, this red lacquered knee-high table is available in other colours and sizes

This gorgeous still life triptych titled "Gnarly Plum Blossoms" is a fantastic find hot from Etsy:

No Japanese theme is complete without a scrumptious sushi set - and this one is fantastic and just one of the many different designs available from My Sushi Set.

Whether you're growing your own, or just giving one a home - A bonsai tree just gives a totally unique feel to a room, and some types can be grown inside and outside! Get yours or grow your own at My Bonsai Buddy.

Dinner is served! If you're fed up of your families dinner going cold while you wait, then this is the perfect gift for you!

Every girl loves a Kimono, and these are just an example of the vast colours and designs to be seen all over Japan - fabulous!

There are so many designs to choose from, but I think I'd still go for the classic Red! Japanese lanterns are traditionally made from rice paper and are beautifully delicate!

If you're not ready to go the whole hog with the Japanese decor, why not try out some oriental-style wall coverings! This fabulous plum blossom sticker comes in a wide variety of colours!

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