George, what a Saint!

George, what a Saint!

If you are having that vengeful dragon (sorry, I mean mother-in-law) around for tea on St. George’s Day, you’ll no doubt need some heavy weaponry to keep the scaly monster (sorry, I mean delightful lady) at bay. Whether you’re sipping a well-deserved drink, having a nice cup of tea or baking a delicious Victoria Sponge; celebrate this St. Georges Day by demonstrating your patriotic pride and checking out our range of wonderfully English-made products.

We have a spectacular range of Joseph Joseph worktop savers and kitchen accessories, perfect for making and baking delicious things to appease the beast. Or maybe you and the in-laws get along great and you just want to treat them, or is this wishful thinking?

Both Newgate and Thomas Kent are British brands who make some stand-out clocks, perfect for casually mentioning how late it’s getting and shouldn't she be going?

If all else fails, you can fill up some of our LSAInternational Glassware with enough booze to knock her unconscious? (drink responsibly kids).

See the latest Red Candy has to offer here. Isn't patriotism great.

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