Hung up on you...

Hung up on you...
It might be May but there's still a chill in the air, so you’ll be needing that coat or jacket for a little longer, (let’s face it probably until June) but oh no! Catastrophe! Those rubbish coat hooks you got are too flimsy, plus they’re hideously boring!

Luckily, we've got the perfect thing for you. These fancy designer coat hooks will add a whole heap of style and character to your cloakroom. Why would anyone buy boring coat hooks when you could have one of these beauties?

Functional and colourful the Flip Hook is a marriage of natural wood grain and bright colour, plus, it features beautifully neat hooks that flip up when not in use, making this design both elegant and pleasing to the eye.

If bright colour isn’t your thing then the Umbra U-Turnmight be more your speed. A fantastic juxtaposition of organic wood and cool aluminium, this stylish set of hooks swivel around for discreet modern storage that will look just as good as all your other wall art.

The Umbra Scribe Multi Hook is definitely for the writer (or the bookworm) in the family. With the appearance of typewriter keys, this distinctive set of metal coat hooks has a fabulously vintage look that will enhance your hallway a treat.

All these coat hooks have a max weight of 5lbs per hook which should be plenty for those hefty winter coats, scarves, spring jackets and the odd bag. Whatever your choice, don’t let your clothes suffer the indignity of dull hooks any longer! See Red Candy's full range of hooks here:

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