May the 4th Be With You: Callin’ all GEEKS! 🤓🚀

May the 4th Be With You: Callin’ all GEEKS! 🤓🚀

Nerd Alert! NeRd AlErT! Alerting all nerds! Boy do we have a CACHE of goodies for you! Get immersed in this quirky collection of homeware, from retro doormats to Star Wars stuff. Treat your favourite nerd (which could be the one hiding inside you) to one of these geeky gizmos!

Pac-Man Coasters - Set of 5

Fancy a beer with Blinky?
Or just a coffee with Clyde?

Joypad Video Game Controller Bookends

Sorry, what?? There are people in the world who like books AND games?! Well shoot me down and call me Mario, I did not know that. 

Neon Rocket Table Lamp Sign

Blast off into the unknown depths of space and have yourself an adventure with our amazing Neon Rocket Table Lamp Sign!

GAME OVER Game Controller Mug

Do you find gaming a bit of a MINECRAFT to get your head around? For me, every day is like a losing battle. It once took me a whole FORTNITE just to learn how to turn the controller on.

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Set

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