Hold onto your crowns, folks! It's time to celebrate the much-awaited event of the year: the King's Coronation! It's time to witness the crowning of our new monarch and let's be real here, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned royal spectacle? I know we do. 
There's something magical about the King's Coronation. The historic significance, the street parties, the dazzling display of pageantry – it's all just so regal! This weekend the streets will be adorned with flags and filled with people who will flock to West Minister to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. It's like the Super Bowl, but with more pretentious pomp and less sweaty sportsmen. 
And of course, what's a celebration without a little shopping? What better way to celebrate the coronation than by sprucing up your home with some regal décor! This long weekend, head over to Red Candy because we’re celebrating the King’s Coronation by giving our customers 10% OFF EVERYTHING and FREE UK shipping on all orders over £20! This offer is available until Monday, May 8th. It’s a deal that’s fit for a king! 
So, what kind of products should you pick up this long weekend? Browse our best sellers, recently restocked favourites, magnificent mugs, and planters and vases that are a fit for a king or queen. You'll feel like royalty in your own home! Customers can use code KING10 at checkout to claim their discount. You'll be the envy of all your friends and neighbours. Plus, who knows, your new Red Candy products might just catch the eye of a visiting royal or two! 
The King's Coronation is a time for celebration, excitement, and a little bit of cheeky fun. So, let's raise a glass (or a teacup, if you prefer) to the new monarch and all the exciting adventures that lie ahead for us. Cheers! 
Have a look at some of our restocked best sellers you can purchase this weekend with 10% OFF and Free Shipping! 
Style up your spring onions and add a little retro to your reeds with this Boombox Stereo Planter. Whether you’re adding a bit of petal to your metal, or metal to your petals, it’s the year to TUNE into your plants! 

Hungry Hippo Desk Tidy

Couldn’t stop playing Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid? Then, you’re going to lose your MARBLES when you lay eyes on the Hungry Hippo Desk Tidy

Croissant Cushion

Ooh la la! Check out the curves on this brilliantly baked delight! How much butter do you think went into making this?! Doesn’t matter... we know for a fact you’ll amour this CUSH-ty cushion! 

Baabara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep

Proudly present your TP with your very own Baabara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep! Keeping your toilet paper out of plain sight? Ewe must be mad! Many people believe toilet paper is a rather boring and often messy utility, needing to be hidden away in cupboards and the deepest, darkest recesses of the lavatory. We say Neigh… Or should we say Baa? 

Beatrice the Highland Bull Footstool

Beatrice loves to be BUTTERed with compliments - isn't her nose ring just the cutest thing!? Keep up the compliments and Beatrice just might let you rest your feet on her back! 

Pipe Person Sitting Lamp

This table lamp is tuckered out and you would be too if you spent the whole day lighting up the room. On top of that, this fella spent his past life as a tap, so you can’t blame him for feeling completely drained! As a result, this pipe pal is taking a seat, but you don’t fear, ‘cause know WATT?! He’s still going to brighten up your space! 
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