Monumenta 2011 - Leviathan by Anish Kapoor

Each year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invites a leading artist to create a work that responds to the exceptional architectural space of the Grand Palais in Paris. The sheer monumental scale of the building provided the inspiration for a big idea: Monumenta.

This year, Indian-born, British-based artist Anish Kapoor created a temporary, site-specific installation inside the nave of the glass-domed hall. The space was originally unveiled at the 1900 universal exhibition.

For its fourth edition, after guest artists Anselm Kiefer, Richard Serra and Christian Boltanski, it has been the turn of Anish Kapoor to meet the challenge with a brand new work for the 13,500 m2 space.

Anish Kapoor's artwork celebrates neither permanence nor eternity, but instead the transitive, fugitive nature of instants.

The event is an initiative of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Direction Générale de la Création Artistique) and is co-produced by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP), The Grand Palais and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux. Commissioner: Jean de Loisy.

images © designboom
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