Red Batoida Chair and Stool by Peter Donders.

Like you're fancy chairs? Then check out the new Batoida line from Peter Donders. The ravishing red aluminium chair and stool are cast in 1 piece in a 3D printed sand mould.The chair consists of only 1 single surface with a minimum thickness of 8mm. Pretty Spiffy.

Weight +/- 8 kg

H : 729 mm
W: 1001mm
D : 576mm

Foot Stool
Weight +/- 4.5 kg

H : 385mm
W: 344mm
D : 509mm

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Inspired By: Batoidea
Material: Alu

Find more info at the website.
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