National Cream Tea Day – Celebrate with Red Candy’s Dazzling Dishes!

National Cream Tea Day – Celebrate with Red Candy’s Dazzling Dishes!
Every year on the last Friday in June, British tradition comes alive on International Cream Tea Day! This delicious day encourages people to come together, enjoy a cream tea and raise money for any worthy cause. To date, this has helped to raise over one MILLION pounds for hundreds of charities across the UK!!! 
Here’s how you can participate! 
Host a social cream tea 
Invite your family and friends to celebrate the day by hosting cream teas. These can be as formal or informal as you want (but don’t forget to add some quirky character to the table by using Red Candy plates 😉) Make it a simple affair with just jam, cream, and scones, or pile on the dainty snackwich and tea cakes. 
Donate to a charity 
Visit the Cream Tea Society and help raise money for one of the hundreds of charities across the U.K. Do your bit. And if you're in the U.S. and feel kindred feeling of yumminess, feel free to host your own cream tea and donate to a local charity. 
Spread the word 
Share the images of your cream tea event or your delicious jam and cream creations on social media. Also, give out the donation's information of the charities of your choice. 
We also couldn’t end this blog post without showing you a few of our favorite dazzling dishes in our dishware collection! Have a peep and pick your favourites and use them at your Cream Tea Celebration! 
Sorry to BADGER you... but I was wondering if you wanted to have a pastry eating competition? 
Just so you know, I'm known as the pastry eating champion around here so only enter this comp if you're prepared to eat 20+ croissants and butter cakes in under 20 minutes. 
The perfect plate for people who could quit their day job and become a professional pastry eater instead! 
Ready, steady, bake!!! Now gimme what you've got! 
This is the PUURfect side plate for FURiends and family you have a sweet tooth and who want to eat everything they see on The Great British Bake Off. This plate can be used for eating baked goods or display! 
Look, I am not a picky eater. I eat broccoli, fish, mushrooms, pickles, cottage cheese, olives and even sprouts! The one thing, the ONE thing I cannot stand is not having pudding afterwards. 
I mean WHAT are these non-pudding people THINKING?! No sweets are a no go for me, you big old pandas. Just TELL ME WE ARE HAVING PUDDING!!! 
Get this panda side plate for pudding lovers everywhere, so you can get your sugar, no matter how sweet you think you already are. 
This is my face in two scenarios: a) someone is bringing me a piece of cake either as a surprise or when I was expecting it, and b) when I was expecting a piece of cake to be brought to me, but it’s travelling in the opposite direction, NOT towards me. And I get a bit WILD when this happens. 
Welcome into your cupboard a plate with visual instructions to show where to put the cake. Right in my CAKE HOLE! If you miss, I won’t hesitate to get my CLAWS out in the kitchen! 
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