PURR-Fect Pet Décor!

PURR-Fect Pet Décor!
Are you a pet lover who's searching for the PURRfect way to unleash your wild side in home décor? Look no further! Red Candy’s animal lover category is as vibrant as a tropical toucan and is filled with unique products that can PUP-grade any space in your home!  
Add our PAWsome pet décor into your home or pick up the perfect pet products and don’t forget to grab an animal-themed gift for the animal lover in your life! Get ready to embark on a wild shopping adventure with irresistible items that will make tails wag! 

Benton the Bull Footstool

Like a bull in a China shop, this Benton the Bull Footstool is smashing! 

A unique piece of furniture that’s good for both small kids and big kids alike. The cute bull footstool is the great addition to your living room that you’ve been looking for. Kick back, Relax and put your feet up on this lovely little piece of décor. Benton the bull is here to make sure you reach relaxation land. No bull about it!  

Freya the Flamingo Vase

Give your petals the FLOCK star treatment! 

With her head down, she may seem a little shy and reclusive, but once you get a brilliant blossom in her, you’ll realise that the Freya the Flamingo Vase will shake those tail feathers and look as fab as the rest of the flock! 

Cactus Cat Scratch

Looking for a product to prickle your cat’s fancy? Well, we’ve got something that’s deffo up to scratch, and no, we aren’t kitten! 

There’s no arguing, it really SUCCS when your cat starts scratching up all your furniture. And when you tell it to stop, the moody moggie gets all prickly…typical! 

Well, the Cactus Cat Scratcher is the magical solution, and no, it doesn’t involve getting JK Meowling involved! Just place this claw-ver cactus on the floor of your lounge or bedroom and let your kitty get to scratchin’! 


ROAR Doormat

Roar! That’s what I want to say when I walk out the door. I want my day to start with a roar. I want to growl down the street and strut my stuff. Be aware, neighbourhood, and admire my ruff! 

I step on my doormat and hope for the best, grumble, grimble and bang my chest! The Roar Doormat is the one for me, as I sharpen my teeth and pick out my flees.  


Doughnut Badgerer

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey… Is that a donut…? Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey… Can I have one…? 

We all know that donut badgerer who won’t let the idea of having a donut go once they’ve got it in their head. You’re powerless against their insistence and big, cute, puppy dog eyes so you end up handing your sweet treat over just to avoid the badgering… 

So, hop, slither, or scamper your way to Red Candy to add a touch of PAWsome charm to your life. Trust us, you won't regret it. Get ready to go wild and turn your home into a jungle of joy! 

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post, but a few animal puns may have been sacrificed for comedic effect. 

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