Neon Newness at Red Candy!

Neon Newness at Red Candy!
Neon… everywhere! Neon signs have been illuminating our lives and directing us to the nearest open bar for over a century now. How did we ever live without them?! From the lights that shine over Piccadilly Circus to the ones that make Tokyo glow at night. Neon is amazing, and it’s here to stay! Right now, neon-decor is very much IN, and Red Candy has a selection of amazing and characterful signage that is perfectly suited to your home. So, without further ado, here’s a selection of some of our favourite neon signage...

Neon Boudouir Sign

For those who are romantically expressive, this boudoir sign is sure to give you a cheeky reminder of your sultry side whenever it catches a glance. Saucy!

Neon J’adore Sign

I adore… this sign! Get a touch of French style with this ultra-cool, ultra-romantic light. J’adore directly translates to ‘I adore’ and is a common French expression of love. Why use an entire paragraph when two words are more than enough?

Neon Rocket

This sign can’t help but fill you with childlike wonder. Blasting off to space is a fantasy most of us had as tikes. This Rocket sign can get you part way there!

Neon Saturn


Continuing with the space theme, this Saturn sign is an extraterrestrial gem. The most aesthetic of all the planets, Saturn serves as an important reminder that having a spare tire is always acceptable!

Neon Flamingo


One of the many flamingo themed items stocked by Red Candy, this sign is gleaming with style and aesthetics. Emanating a gorgeous pink hue, this sign is a perfect style booster.

Neon Cactus

Who doesn’t love a cactus? they’re distinctive, and they’re full of aloe! Recently, they’ve become somewhat of a prominent feature on Red Candy. We’ve stocked everything from Cactus Shot glasses to Cactus Coasters. Now we have a Neon Cactus light. Sorted!

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