Sinister Spirits - Seven Monster Movie Cocktails to Leave You Headless!

Just like the twins in The Shining, Halloween and horror-movies go hand in hand. Ever since Michael Myers donned a white painted Will Shatner mask (seriously – Google it!!) and Freddy Krueger crawled out of the mind of Wes Craven and into our nightmares, we’ve been gleefully subjecting ourselves to fear and jump scares on a global scale. And what better night to submit to terror than Halloween! In recent years, Halloween has become just as much a holiday for us grown-ups as it is for candy-pinching kids in Batman outfits. Here at Red Candy, one of our favourite Halloween customs is to binge-watch classic horror films, stuff our faces full of popcorn, and attempt to calm the nerves with an array of spooky cocktails... But where to turn to for these ghoulish concoctions?? Fear not! We have created the ultimate monster-movie cocktail guide to satisfy your inner ghoul and turn your ‘PG’ rated Halloween party into an ‘R’ rated Monster Mash extravaganza! Feast your eyes and quench your thirst on our array of Sinister Spirits, if you dare…. Mua-ha-ha-haaaaaa! SINISTER-SPIRITS-COCKTAIL-RED-CANDY-INFOGRAPHIC
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