Enhance your kitchen one quirky and unusual accessory at a time!

Preparing a roast dinner has never been so fun since adding Red Candy kitchen bits into the mix! (*Note: please don’t add products into any mixes) 
Our characterful and inventive kitchen products also make great gifts so what’re you waiting for? Have a browse!

Crabby Spoon Holder - Aqua

For this fearless crustacean, steam and bubbles are like a day at the spa. Red the crab is ready to lend a helping claw!

Microphone Salt & Pepper Set

Testing one two one two! Is this thing on? Ooooh you mean to tell me this isn't a real microphone and there's actually salt & pepper in here? Well isn't that something!

Fruit Hammock

Banana hammock now has a whole new meaning!


Drac N' Roll Garlic Peeler

Rock back n forth & give it a roll, toss the skinless cloves into the bowl. It's so easy to prep a meal, with Drac N' Roll to strip the peel!

Crab N' Roll Paper Towel Holder

From kitchen spills to a dirty mess, Crab N' Roll is here to impress! Place this crustacean on the scene and its ready to clean! Tough and mighty, Crab N' Roll keeps your kitchen dry and tidy!

Count Rockula Garlic Grater

Rockula's not afraid of garlic. He'll rock back and forth until your garlic is crushed to bits! This is a vampire who never quits!


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