Birthday Gift Ideas 🤩

Birthday Gift Ideas 🤩
We heard you were in need of a birthday gift? 
You're in luck... Red Candy has the ultimate selection of unique & unusual birthday gifts that are sure to WOW Have a peep at our nifty new products that will make the perfect pressie from our aPEELling Banana Vase to our clAMazing Clam Light our quirky products are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face! 
Who knew a ceramic yellow fruit could be so versatile? This big yellow double-ender allows you to displays blooms of colour from both ends - just like that time I had a few too many banana coladas... but in a good way!
You're not old! You're retro! Just like this Retro Gamer Doormat!
The Red Candy team thinks artist Mr Shrigley is quite correct in his homage to the great British Brew... You really cannot drink enough tea and with many cups of the stuff illustrated all over this quirky coaster you will never forget just what you need to do... Put the kettle on!
Nowadays, with Spotify and Apple music, there’s no need to make mix tapes for loved ones but don’t fret! You can still keep the allure alive by sending this Cassette Tape Magazine Rack to that special someone.

David Shrigley's work is funny, sardonic, irreverent and pulls no punches - but have you ever just wanted to stick it somewhere?

You know it's GUINEA be a good day when you're having toast for breakfast!
Red Candy’s collection of lighting will make you happy as a clam! Specifically this spe-SHELL table lamp!
These magnificent magnets not only contribute to helping marine wildlife as well as supporting a greener plant, they also add some pizzaz to any "art" piece you're sticking on the fridge... it's a win win!
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