It's World Wildlife Day! 🦍🦁🦒🐼

It's World Wildlife Day! 🦍🦁🦒🐼
It's world wildlife day! Let's get WILD and celebrate all the PAWsome animals out there with a beastly Red Candy product for your nest. Catch the PURRR-fect gift for your NEIGH-bour, FARM-ily member or best MATE. From hedgehog-shaped cheese graters to farmyard footstools, we have something to PUP-grade any animal lover's home. Welcome to the herd!

Winston the White Highland Cow Footstool

A MOO-st-have stool for any Scottish sanctuary!

Freya the Flamingo Vase

She may look like an innocent petal, but she’s one cool motherflocker!

Crab Cushion

You better get your claws on this cushion before they're all SNAPPED up!

Tiger Doormat

No tigers were harmed in the making of the fantastic doormat.

Baabara Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

Proudly present your TP with your very own Baabara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep!

Tea me! Frenchie Mug

Pardon my FRENCHIE, but if you don't get me my cuppa immediately we're going to have a BIG problem, punk.

Gold Bee Jewellery Hanger

Just when you thought your jewellery couldn’t get any more BEE-utiful…

Sausage Dog Cushion (Blue & Red)

These canine cushions are FURtastic friends to add to your space - they will add some cosy, comfort and companionship to your life!

Meow Cat Water Jug

Get yourself a Meow Cat Water Jug and make your territory feline fine. Perfect for fan-CAT-ics and supporters of water.

Antonio the Alpaca Footstool

This funky animal footstool will have your friends stopping over and declaring “Wait, llama take a selfie!”

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