Pancake Day Frenzy

It's Shrove Tuesday here in the UK and we're ready to flip up a storm this evening. Pancakes are by one of the cheapest, easiest and by far tastiest meals that you can make in minutes. It got us thinking about all the different types of delicious pan-made morsels that can be served up in a variety of yummy ways.

Pancake tools at the ready!!!

L to R: Nigella Mixing Bowls, KitchenAid Pancake Turner, KitchenAid Whisk, Russian Doll Measuring Cups

Bored of classic pancakes? How about a little inspiration from abroad?

Pancakes of the world unite!

We've got crêpes from France


The yummy Indian dosa filled with masala


American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, yum!

How about Japanese okonomiyaki? Filled with meat or lots of veggies!
Who knew flour, water and the odd egg could be so tasty eh? What's your favourite type of pancake or any international variations that we haven't come across?

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