Collage Photo Frames from Umbra

Collage Photo Frames from Umbra

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We've been working like busy bees over at Red Candy Towers trying to find the coolest and most contemporary new collage photo frames out there for the site. We've managed to come across a stunning new selection from Umbra!

If you love the idea of making a photo collage on the wall like the one's making the round on Pinterest, but maybe you don't have the following:

A. the time
B. the effort
C. the money
D. the creative streak
E. all of the above

We have the answer.....collage photo frames! Just pop your photos in a fabulous multi photo frame, the individual apertures have all been artfully arranged for you. Put it on the wall or on your desk and you have an instant statement piece of personalised art. Genius.

We're absolutely besotted with the Luna Photo Display! In cool monochrome black and white (which you can see below), this modern circular frame is a customisable piece of art that would look spectacular on any wall. It's definitely on our birthday list.
The Umbra Luna Photo Display via:

Just the trick to add a bit of personality to your home office or desk at work, this delightful collage photo frame is made up of a quad of individual 4 x 6 photos. It'd be perfect for postcards too!
Umbra Pane Desk Photo Frame Nickel via:

How amazing is this? It's a T-shirt frame! Can you imagine all the sorts of band T-shirts and football shirts you could frame with this? If you've got a special signed soccer shirt lying about that deserves pride of place on the wall, or if you have a favourite graphic shirt that you've worn to bits and can't bear parting with...the Umbra T-Frame is perfect.
Umbra T-Frame T-Shirt Frame via:
It wouldn't be a Red Candy blog post without something red right? The Umbra Tira Photo Frame shows that all things look better in threes. Customise this desk frame with your own personal trio of photos for a cheerful accent in any room.
Umbra Tira Photo Desk Frame Red via:

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