Top 5 Creative Ways to Organise your Jewellery

There's nothing more annoying than having to wrestle with a tangled mess of necklaces to fish out your favourite pendant. Keeping jewellery tidy and neat not only means that you can get your outfit sorted out faster, it also means that all your favourite sparkly bits and bobs are less prone to getting pulled apart.

We've been scouring the net for some of the most creative ways you can store your rings, necklaces and earrings. Jewellery boxes have come a long way you know!

1. Coat hanger storage
A fab way to recycle old coat hangers and a decent diy project to keep you occupied on a rainy day! Cute and vintage style jewellery storage in the form of wooden hanger is a brilliant idea.


2. The super chic organiser
Keep all of your jewels out of site and organised with this cool little black dress that is cleverly disguised as part of your wardrobe. The Umbra Little Black Dress is a stunning piece of design and will definitely be the envy of your female friends.


3. Teacup Storage
Make the most of vintage and charity shop finds with this delightful jewellery storage idea. Mix and match coloured teacups in pastels to achieve a look similar to Martha's.

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4. An update on the classic jewellery box
In a bright red hue, this jewellery box swivels open to reveal your favourite bits and bobs. Whether you fill it full of pendants or letters, this little storage box is a really contemporary update on the traditional jewellery box and would look fab on any modern dressing table.

5. Make the most of photo frames
If you've got a surplus of photo frames, they make great jewellery storage. Pop some felt in the back and you've got an instant earring holder. Definitely one for the crafty types!


Although we're not particularly sure if spring is actually going to make an appearance any time soon (I swear we saw some snow today), spring cleaning is always therapeutic and your jewellery collection is as good a place to start as any. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

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