Red Candy's Top 5 'Non-Basic' and Quirky gifts!

Red Candy's Top 5 'Non-Basic' and Quirky gifts!
Your friend’s birthday is coming around again (wasn’t it only a couple of months ago?) and OH CR*P you don’t know what on earth to gift them!
Having exhausted every single option: books, tickets to their favourite gig, accessories, and cute toys. What else is there…?
Red Candy (proudly) has the solution: "Non-Basic Gifts", ….and you’re in the right place for them as we have got, everything else but basic! For the difficult to buy for, bonkers and quirky, or those who seem to own everything - this is your chance to show them how awesome you are, by grabbing those cheeky & fun gifts your friends won’t ever expect.
Here are our TOP 5 quirky and creative gifts your friends will TOTE-ally LOVE!
A pink planter in a form of a boob.
We all know a friend who would never shut up about a booby planter if they ever saw one. Imagine them GETTING it as a gift! I can already see the sparkle in their eyes and their chuckles every time they see it in their living room window. And you’d be the reason for their smiles (and them bringing it up in every conversation tbh) How fun is that?
A white mug with a funny design and quotes by David Shrigley.
If you don’t have a friend in your group that’s always falling asleep everywhere and anytime, YOU must be that friend! But if you are friends with a napping queen/king we just know you always notice them fading off conversations or falling asleep mid-it. But who’s to blame them? They are SO tired of working loooong hours and their boss isn’t making it easier, so don’t take it personally. Instead, give them your full support to get some rest with this thoughtful gift that matches their energy (or lack of) PERFECTLY. Maybe even gift them some chamomile tea so they can drink it before they get their beau-TEA sleep. Ahhh, we love supportive friends! 

Dinosaur Bottle OpenerA bottle opener in the form of a grey dinosaur placed on a counter opening a bottle of refreshment.
Is your friend a fan of Jurassic Park? Or just a general crazy-dino lover? If you said yes to any of these, they would LOVE our RAWR-some grey T-rex! It is such a DINO-mic gift, a perfect addition in the kitchen, and always a conversation starter at any party they will host! Because our Dino Bottle Opener is the coolest, just like your friend!
What is better than a flask? A camouflaged flask! Even better? A CAMERA flask! It can surely make anyone say CHEESE any time of the day! There’s always that friend who doesn’t mind spiking their coffee up a bit with some magical juice and we just know this SNAPPY gift would become the lucky charm they would wear any day! Oh, and it’s getting colder by the day & a liiitle bit of whiskey goes a looong way to warm them up;) Doesn’t it? 
A white canvas tote bag with rainbow-coloured text over it.
How do you say f**k off politely? Oh, right, you ask your tote bag to do it. I wish my friends would be considerate enough to understand that sometimes I just want to tell rude people off but my anxiety and my introverted side would never be able to do that. Don’t be like them, be a good friend. Gift your “too kind friend” the F**k Off Tote Bag. Plus, it is soooo cute. Who doesn’t love rainbows?

So, there we are our top 5, but have we piqued your interest? If you are screaming yes at the screen right now then please go ahead and take a look here for even more fabulous and overtly awesome fun and quirky items - happy browsing!
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